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the evans family adoption story.



We want to tell you a little story about how God works in ways we can't imagine.

Evans FamilyWe are Tom and Natalie Evans. We’ve been married since August 12, 2000. By the year 2004, we had been trying unsuccessfully to have children on our own for a couple years. We were about to look into medically trying to have biological children. We also thought that maybe adoption would be a good step to pursue. We both always had a desire to adopt a child at some time in our lives. We just thought it would be after we had our own biological children. We also thought that we would adopt an infant. God surprised us by bringing a little girl into our lives.

In June of 2004 we hosted Anna, a 9 year old girl from Russia. Anna came to live with us in our home for one month that summer. As we were host-parents for Anna, we grew to love Anna as our daughter and knew totally that God brought her to us to be our child. We decided to adopt Anna. She returned to Russia while we began a mountain of paperwork and adoption expenses. We finished everything and were able to travel to Russia to adopt Anna in November of 2004. When we returned to the United States, we felt so relieved that our adoption journey was finished. We can now grow and live as a new family. Little did we know that we would be on the adoption journey again!

This past summer, an 8 year old girl named Alena was supposed to travel from Russia to California to meet a family that was interested in adopting her. Four days before they traveled here, the Russian facilitators said that this little girl has to go to Pennsylvania. Our agency had no host family for this little girl but they had three families interested in adopting her. Our agency had all of our background checks and information, so we were a safe family to care for Alena for the month, and show her to interested families.

Alena came to our home and lived with us for a month. She is a precious and sweet little girl. Natalie and I had a strong sense of peace in our hearts that this little girl was going to return to Russia with a family in America that would adopt her. After all there were a few families interested in Alena.

We met with one family that was interested in her. We had dinner at their home. Alena played with their kids and had a great time. Everyone seemed to get along wonderfully. But two days later, they called us and said they prayed about it and that they didn't think that they could do it. We introduced Alena to a couple of other interested families with the same response that she wasn’t the girl for their family.

AlenaAlena returned to Russia on July 18. We are happy that we did find one family that didn't turn her down. Ours. During Alena’s visit in our home, we grew to love her more and more and see her as our daughter. Seeing our daughter, Anna, interact with Alena as her “sister” was incredibly beautiful to see. God is making it clear that we are supposed to adopt Alena and give her a home and a family.

Right now there are over 700,000 children living in orphanages in Russia. Alena is one of those children.- children that need and deserve a loving family. Statistically, only 10 - 25% of orphans will become functioning members of society. The rest are lost to drugs, prostitution, crime, and suicide. God made a way for us to find Alena and placed a special love in our hearts for Alena to be our daughter. We are working hard to make that happen.

Our family to bePlease pray that God would care for Alena in Russia until we are able to bring her home; that Anna would be prepared for the upcoming changes to our family; and that God will give us wisdom as we raise Alena and Anna.

We thank you for all your prayers and for considering assisting us with financial help that will aid in Alena’s adoption. We will keep you posted with our progress so you can share in our joy as we adopt this precious girl. We miss Alena so much and look forward to when we can bring her back home to her Mom, Dad, and sister.

God bless you. Tom, Natalie, and Anna Evans