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the merriman family adoption story.

Child’s Name: Eyasu
Gender/Country: 2year old boy/Ethiopia
Prospective Adoptive Parents: Christopher and Jennifer Merriman

Christopher and Jennifer Merriman are well-grounded spiritually, love the Lord, one another and children. They are hard-working and financially stable. Jennifer’s father died when she was elementary school age, so she has firsthand experience with relating to orphans. Chris and Jennifer state that they have been thinking about adoption for at least six years but others events in life kept coming up that did not lead them in this direction. Then in July 2009, Jennifer felt the personal call from the Lord to adopt Eyasu. Different doors have opened for them to allow this adoption of this special needs child. So eight months later, they have a new son. When praying about Eyasu, Jennifer writes: “We trusted God, that if we were meant to adopt him, then it would work out, and if God had another family for him, then we knew that God’s ways are always best. We felt that God had his hand on this little boy’s life and we knew that he did not need us to save him. We had a Caleb already, so if we adopted Eyasu, then we would have a Caleb and a Joshua and we would be ready to march into the promised land. It felt like a huge confirmation that this was meant for us.”

Their church’s children director highly recommends them by writing: “My first impression was that Jennifer is a mom who loves her child deeply and desires to be the best parent she can be. This has continued to be my impression with both Jennifer and Chris. They have a strong Christian faith and appear to have a solid marriage. Chris and Jennifer have volunteered to serve in our nursery ministry, and I have no hesitation entrusting the children in our church to their care.”