Run for Orphans

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our mission.

We're excited about this mission and the journey that awaits us in 2010. Please join us in this worthy cause.

There are over 126,000,000 orhans worldwide! If not adopted into a loving family: 25% or more will commit suicide

And another... 50% will fall into a life of crime, substance abuse or prosititution.

Adoption for many families is beyond reach due to the expensive nature of adoption. Lifesong for Orphans is a 501(c)3 non-profit committed to “bring joy & purpose to orphans”. One of the many Lifesong initiatives is providing matching grants to loving couples with the desire to adopt but without sufficient funds. 

Our goal is to raise $100,000 in 2010 which will be used as matching grants to facilitate the adoption of 20 children.



Cook Family

“The Family is the primary place where evangelism and discipleship are intended to take place and therefore we would love to raise another little one to believe and enjoy Christ. We have felt the call and desire to adopt even before we had biological children and always knew it would be something we would pursue when the time was right. We live in a wonderful environment conducive to spiritual growth and a great family atmosphere. We believe that God has called us to adopt, love and train another to know Christ.” read more


Evans Family

We want to tell you a little story about how God works in ways we can't imagine.

We are Tom and Natalie Evans. We’ve been married since August 12, 2000. By the year 2004, we had been trying unsuccessfully to have children on our own for a couple years. We were about to look into medically trying to have biological children. We also thought that maybe adoption would be a good step to pursue. We both always had a desire to adopt a child at some time in our lives. We just thought it would be after we had our own biological children. We also thought that we would adopt an infant. God surprised us by bringing a little girl into our lives. read more


Kocheich Family

The Kocheich family attends Pantego Bible Church in Mansfield, TX where they serve as small group leaders. They currently have 3 biological children and have been matched with a baby boy from Ethiopia. Matthew and Cynthia left on February 10th for Ethiopia to pick up their son Samuel Jacob. read more


Merriman Family

Christopher and Jennifer Merriman are well-grounded spiritually, love the Lord, one another and children. They are hard-working and financially stable. Jennifer’s father died when she was elementary school age, so she has firsthand experience with relating to orphans. Chris and Jennifer state that they have been thinking about adoption for at least six years but others events in life kept coming up that did not lead them in this direction. Then in July 2009, Jennifer felt the personal call from the Lord to adopt Eyasu. read more


Naramore Family

What an amazing couple! Brandon and Rachel are both on staff at The Rock of Roseville and are in the process of adopting a baby boy from Ethiopia. They are involved in the “Drawn From Water” project. Brandon traveled to Ethiopia in November and spent 2 ½ weeks at the orphanage. He always knew that someday they would adopt, but didn’t think it would be this soon. “God has great plans for us and we are stepping out in faith!” read more