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the naramore family adoption story.

Gender/Country: Male / Ethiopia
Prospective Adoptive Parents: Brandon and Rachel Naramore

Naramore FamilyWhat an amazing couple! Brandon and Rachel are both on staff at The Rock of Roseville and are in the process of adopting a baby boy from Ethiopia. They are involved in the “Drawn From Water” project. Brandon traveled to Ethiopia in November and spent 2 ½ weeks at the orphanage. He always knew that someday they would adopt, but didn’t think it would be this soon. “God has great plans for us and we are stepping out in faith!”

The Senior Pastor at The Rock of Roseville says, “Brandon and Rachel are truly a delight and precious couple and their lives are a reflection of integrity, uprightness and faithfulness. They are mature and live very intentionally, resulting in a very solid marriage, and they are marvelous parents to their baby daughter, Sienna-Rain. Brandon’s wonderful parents and brother are also in ministry at The Rock, providing tremendous local family support.”

Naramore FamilyThe couple shares, “This is not an inexpensive process, and we are youth pastors at a church, so we do not make a lot of money; however we still feel led to adopt and we believe God will supply all of our financial needs for this adoption to take place. We are so thankful for organizations like Lifesong! We can’t see a better way to use all our savings and invest everything we have to offer one of these children a place in our family.”

Brandon and Rachel’s love for the Lord and passion for orphans is overwhelming and contagious!